Welcome to the official website of The Friends of Finsbury Park

The Friends is a charity that was formed in 1986 by people who care about Finsbury Park – its past, present and future. We are a small but growing group of ordinary people who live or work in the local area.


It grew out of the Finsbury Park Action Group which had been formed in 1984 by Margot Sreberny to fight for the Finsbury Park Area. The Friends ran and supported community events in the Park and started to campaign for the upkeep and repair of the Park. We also participated in the successful Heritage Lottery Fund bid which secured funding for improvements to the Park.

The Friends aim to run various activities in the Park and approve of any event that is free, not too noisy, can be cleared up quickly and is for the local community. We want to keep it as a park and do not want it to become anything else due to increased commercialisation or privatisation.

As spending cuts threaten green spaces all across the country, it’s increasingly up to Friends groups to step in and make sure parks are well-maintained, safe to use and free from the threat of closure and development.

At the moment, Finsbury Park is suffering from the consequences of Haringey Council’s new events policy that has increased the number of large-scale events from 5 days per year to 15 per year.

We believe that this is deleterious for the Park, its users and wildlife, and could make the most popular parts of the Park unusable for three months during summer.

We will expand the website over the coming months and would welcome your suggestions on how we can improve it. If anyone has material on the Park, such as photographs, video footage, postcards, descriptions, oral histories, details of people who spoke in the Park etc, we would very much welcome them.

Working together to create a greener, healthier park for all


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