An Autumn Walk With George

These photos were sent to us by Paul, a regular dog walker in Finsbury Park. Paul writes;

“I tried to capture the spectacular colours & scenery that I’ve been lucky enough to witness.

I love Finsbury Park. George, our mini-dachshund, probably loves it more. Having just become full-time dog walkers, we find ourselves in the park most days, and are in awe of it’s vibrancy and diversity. There’s a real sense of community with everyone we meet in the park, which is great.”



All Photos Paul Ahmet-Thomas

Slam-Dunk! New Ball Courts Open in Finsbury Park

We were invited by Haringey Council to the official opening of the impressive new basketball courts in Finsbury Park yesterday. Students from the Greig City Academy in Haringey were there to show us all how it’s done; The Haringey Angels girls basketball team from the Academy are national champions in under 13s, under 15s and under 18s age groups!

Photo Helen Valentine
All Photos Helen Valentine

The basketball courts look fantastic and are free to use, along with table tennis tables a badminton court and volleyball courts, and there is an added bonus of a newly grassed area in front of the courts which gives the park some new green space. If you are a seasoned player or just fancy giving it a try, come on down!

Greig City Academy:
Haringey Angels:

Wheely Tots – Cycling For Toddlers in Finsbury Park

Wheely Tots have started a new toddler cycling session every Thursday from 10-11am and 11-12am in Finsbury Park. Sessions are aimed at toddlers aged 2-4 but if your toddler can walk they should be able to participate!


Meet at Finsbury Park Cafe whatever the weather. Wheely Tots can provide you with a bike or you can bring your own. Your little one will need a properly fitted helmet so please bring one along or you can buy one from Wheely Tots.

Sessions cost £5 per child and £1 for any siblings, and include cycling, fun games, drawing, singing and a fruit and water break.

For more information please click here

New Ball Courts to Open This Week

Sunday, 8th November, 2015

Great news! The new ball court area opposite the boating lake in Finsbury Park will be opened this week. The new facilities will feature;

  • One badminton court
  • Two table tennis tables
  • Two full size basket ball courts with extra side basket
  • Two half basketball courts
  • Three volleyball court
  • Two netball courts


This is fantastic news for the park and the ball courts look amazing. Finsbury Park has even gained a bit more green space as large section in front of the new ball courts has been turfed!

Fireworks And Helping Your Noise Sensitive Pets

3rd November, 2015

Here are some useful tips from Finsbury Park’s dog expert Sue Evans of Alpha Dog Training London.

For pets sensitive to fireworks their response usually takes two forms – either to run and hide or to stay close to you.

If your pet wishes to hide, let it – ideally provide a small cosy covered area, protected from seeing the flashes of light which accompany the whistles and explosive bangs. Do not try to coax your pet out of their ‘safe’ place as in doing so, your sweet words will either sound like ‘praise’ or appear that you are worried too, and worse still, if your pet does come to you and another bang follows, it might lose even more trust in you.

If your pet wants to be close to you, be as normal as possible and when you are able, sit down and let it sit next to you, cuddle it firmly to keep it as still as possible. Being relaxed and breathing normally (slightly emphasising the breath out with a slight audible sigh) will show your pet you are not worried, which will reassure it in a way that they understand … be a calm role model.

Ensure your pets are indoors, the curtains are closed and the television is on with the sound at a good level to mask out some of the background noise. Be as normal as possible to show your pet you are not worried, breath as above, laugh at a TV programme and chat – easier if you have company – but you could call a friend.

If you know your pet is distressingly scared, your vet can help. But be aware that some traditional meds have only proven to help mask signs of fear despite the animal being petrified inside. Some have a calming effect based on the ingredients of mother milk, but that may need to be built up in their system, so could be a bit late to benefit this year. Simply, increasing carbohydrates (potato/pasta) in their meal can help release chemicals in the brain which have a calming affect (PetVet Leaflet), so do give that a try.

Finally, if you see a problem, do try to prepare your pet for the future, you can use sounds sensitive CDs and videos, and get them used to flashes (e.g. from a camera) and build up bangs (dropping items occasionally) little and often, all without looking at or trying to reassure your pet … spend a bit of time during the year to make noise ‘normal’.

Mo Farah on Track in Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park made a surprise appearance on BBC One’s The Apprentice last night, when it played host to a special training session with world beating runner Mo Farah CBE.

Mo, who is a Double Olympic Champion, World Champion, and six time European Champion, put this week’s winning team through their paces at the track, which is run by the Finsbury Park Sports Partnership.


It was episode four of the series, where candidates are competing to win £250,000 to invest in a new business venture with Lord Alan Sugar. This week’s triumphant competitors, Team Versatile, were treated to the workout after making most sales in a task selling luxury dog beds and animal shaped balloons at the National Pet Show in May.

Mo is no stranger to the area as he is an avid supporter of Arsenal FC.

The episode is repeated on BBC One this Saturday at 11.50pm and is also available on iPlayer here.

(See Mo at 42mins 30secs)

New Tree Trail App

Did you know there is a Giant Redwood tree in Finsbury Park?

Our new smart phone app will help you to find and identify 16 different trees in the Finsbury Park. It highlights the location of each tree, provides some information about the tree and tells you how to get to the next one in the trail.

The app, called TiCL, can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play store. Once downloaded you will need to Sign Up and you’re ready to go!

The TiCL App uses your GPS location to provide information about where you are. If you are in Finsbury Park the Tree Trail App will appear at the top of the list of local information.

Alistair Smith of the Friends of Finsbury Park who created the trail said: “We created the tree trail with marker posts, but the app is a great improvement because it tells you exactly where the next tree in the trail can be found. It also helps park users to recognise and appreciate some of the fantastic trees in Finsbury Park.”

The TiCL app is free to download from the Apple App Store (for iPhones) or from the Google Play App Store for Android phones.

The Tree Trail starts from the cafe by the lake. If you prefer you can pick up a free Tree Trail leaflet in the cafe or download a copy here.

You can also view the Tree Trail online at TiCL website.

Working together to create a greener, healthier park for all


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